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 WonderCorp has a diverse group of video professionals who have years of experience in Corporate, Commercial, Documentary and Feature Film production. Our ability to become an extension of your marketing team separates us from our competition.  We are nimble, we are creative and we are nice people. 

Simon Balderas is a seasoned, self-directed and detail-oriented Native American Director with the ability to bring complex stories to life with a unique and highly visual affection. He is able to communicate sophisticated concepts into beautiful and consistent visual poetry that utilizes lyrical and emotional conventions. At a very young age, Simon became an adept photographer eventually leading him to study critical film studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  His immersive approach has gained him an impressive array of skills that few creatives possess, becoming an accomplished Director/Producer/Writer/

Editor and DOP, he has demonstrated the ability to deliver projects with extraordinary cinematic results.  

He is a highly motivated creative with the ability to compose striking and technically
complex compositions and tell a story with precision. He writes, collaborates, innovates, mobilizes and inspires teams in the creation of award-winning projects from the ground up. Thirty years of editing experience has enabled him to have a unique understanding of coverage, timing, and story structure.

Lori Balderas is a multifaceted producer with a background ensued with a cultural education and awareness gifted to her by her father, Andrew Bisaccia, who was a prolific anthropologist, scientist, educator, author and mentor. His worldwide travel included living among the few remaining primitive cultures of our modern world. Lori gained the privilege of living with the Fijian and Samoan peoples in the early 1980's which gave her a perspective of respecting all cultures. 

Lori has a background in the modeling and beauty industry which led to her becoming an award winning photographer.  This gives her a keen eye and intuition as a casting director.  She also is an interior designer and owned her own home decor company, which gives her a gift of set design on productions.

Lori has enjoyed working side by side on the multitude of commercials, music videos, documentaries and films with her Native American husband, Simon Balderas since they started WonderMouse in 2016.

Buffy Castillo is an American Indian Executive producer and a true Los Angeles Native belonging to the Luiseño Tribe who inhabited the coastal region of Southern California and including what has become Los Angeles today. She is also affiliated with the Diegueño and Apache Tribes of North America. Gaining inspiration from her father who was a founder of Candelaria Native American Council serving economically disadvantaged and high-risk American Indian and Native American adults, children, and families. Buffy grew up in a very consciously aware household learning the importance of caring for our fellow man from both lines of her family including her mother who also founded a Migrant Child Development Center for migrant worker families. Her life story is told in her feature film project entitled "Buffalo", a poignant recollection of growing up in Southern California as an American Indian woman. It is a unique female-centric film of empowerment, love and forgiveness. Buffy is a contributing member of the Sundance Circle.

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