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We have created thousands of videos in the past 30 years and have experience working with many of the world’s top brands and agencies. We are experts at fitting seamlessly into your corporate video production workflows and adding value from the ideation stage to final delivery.

“Working with WonderMouse was absolutely wonderful! They were able to execute the vision for our videos with grace and professionalism.  We had very specific needs for the look and style of a few of these videos; and Simon and Lori both communicated thoroughly throughout the process to ensure they captured exactly what we were looking for.  The final results were absolutely perfect and beyond our expectations.”


Lauren Snyder

-The Pharm

Blazing a trail on the path to God, we are accompanied by Wondermouse. Creative, Flexible and Valued, they have helped us reach our parishioners and expand our boundaries when no one else could. Our unique and professional  music videos tell our story, all for the Glory of God!


Mary Victoria

Business Manager

Our Lady of the Assumption, Ventura

“Amazing production crew. Very professional and the most kindest people we’ve met in the filming industry. Simon is an awesome director. Very calm and expert in giving directions to kid actors. Lori and Buffy are the most welcoming and warm producers we’ve met. I would give them 10 stars….”


-- Maya Wong

Working with Simon and Lori was such a nice experience from the start. They were so very respectful and sweet at the zoom audition we had for a project that I immediately knew I wanted to work with them. Once I got to the set I felt welcomed and taken care of all the time. Lori is an awesome producer, she had every little detail under control, and Buffi was a great support for the whole production. Simon, on the artistic side, was also exceptional. A very talented, sweet and professional director, always taking care of his team and crew. I loved the experience working with all of them and I would recommend them for anyone who wants to have a personal yet professional approach to the realization of their projects.”


-- Maricio Gomez Amoretti

It's been a pleasure working with this team so many times (3 and counting!) While Simon brings a very clear vision, he's also super collaborative and trusting of the people he brings onto his projects. Lori and Buffy are delightful to be around and always make sure everyone on set is well taken care of, and their crew is quick, professional and fun to be around!


-- Kelly Lou Dennis

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